Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Fun

We have been enjoying the days of lovely warm weather around here. Luke just loves to be outside so I like to take him out as much as I can so he can play. He discovered the fountain in the yard the other day and had a blast playing in it. He loves splashing water. I was trying to take some pictures of him in this little chair but was having a time getting him to look at me. The last pic is us at target for a little shopping trip. He has been being more difficult to take around lately cause he is a lot less cooperative but for some reason this day he was being extremely happy and cute. We just had to take a picture!

Three longest hours of the week..

Church on Sundays always seems to be some of the longest three hours of the week for me since having Luke. When he was small he would cry the majority of the meeting and now even when I try to quietly entertain him, he just wants to run around everywhere the last two hours. All who are in accordance that the nursery age should be lowered to 14 months raise your hand. He would be soo much happier playing with toys in that room than with me in sunday school but such is life. Only 4 more months to go. Hopefully he will want to go at that point. Despite the chasing and entertainment games there are a few times when he is quite funny to watch. The pictures above show one day when he was having a great time crawling under the piano bench and laying down under it. Ha ha. His other favorite pastimes are going around to all of the people in Sunday school who have a tablet and a phone and putting on a cute face so that they will let him play with their electronics and sweeping the gym floor with the dust broom. Ha ha good times!

Monday, May 20, 2013

B-day Fun

It has come to my attention that we do have a few readers of the blog that have been checking for some updated photos. So this post if for you and for me of course cause I am way behind. Here are some pics of Luke's b-day party. He got some fun toys, most importantly his very own tennis racket! He loves to carry it around with him. I think that may mean that James will be able to hopefully live his dream of being a pro tennis star through his son. Ha ha.

We decorated with some little paper fun things from the party store and had cake, ice cream and fruit smoothies. It was very yummy, minus the blender not working to well. I guess I need to perfect my smoothie making a little and buy a new blender. Anyway, Luke loved the cake and ate a good amount. He definitely has his fathers sweet tooth in him (I guess I better start preparing for the future dental bills now). The clover with the "Lucky Luke" was for his cousin Gracie who gave him that nick name. Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Fun and Then Some

Christmas tree at Grandma and Grandpa Calls House. Don't worry only a few of the presents were for us.
Christmas morning! Luke did not quite get the opening presents concept but he giggled with happiness for a few toys. This music set was one of them.
This is us trying to entertain Luke at church and keep him quiet so all of the old people don't ban us from coming to sacrament meeting. He likes the IPad a lot.
One of Luke's favorite new toys. It makes noise and he can walk holding onto it. He loves that!

Just a funny high chair face. Luke is a very finicky eater. One day he will eat really well and the next he will refuse and only want to drink. He gets upset stomachs a lot and that is usually when he won't eat. The doc thinks it is still a food allergy so we are still working on figuring out what exactly that is.

We took a little trip to temple square with our friends who were visiting from out of state. This picture turned out really blurry but you get the concept. Just ignore the lovely couple in the back we were not trying to photograph their kissing picture.

We took the kids to play at the city creek playplace for a while. Luke thought it was awesome. He has never played on one of those before. As for me I just have to block out the thought of all of the diseases that are probably covering the play items and just let him go at it.

 We had a really fun holiday season this year! We went down and stayed at my moms for a few days and had a great time celebrating with everyone. We got to talk to my missionary bro Clint all the way from Japan and it was so fun to see his face! He is such a good missionary and doing so well. James had all of the days after Christmas off so it was awesome to be together for a whole week with no work. It was cold and snowy but a beautiful white Christmas in Spanish Fork. We took Luke sledding for his first time and he liked it, i think... It was hard to tell cause it was his nap time and so he was mostly half asleep with no expression the whole time. Ha ha, it was hilarious. Poor kid, forcing him to sled when he was so tired:) We will have to take him another time when he is more awake. We had such a good time and are back to real life now at home with hopefully a fun new year ahead of us! Welcome 2013!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Crazy Crawler

 When we were moving Luke was being fussy until finally we found that he just wanted to play in the box for a while. It worked out good at the time cause he was still learning to sit up and would fall over but the box kept him upright. Stick a toy in and you are good to go!

 True Aggie Pride! I found this little Utah State sweat outfit at TJ Maxx the other day and I had to get it for Luke. He is only wearing the sweater in this picture but the sweat pants say Utah State too. Gotta love those aggies!
 Ha ha. This picture is just funny. The angle makes his head look huge. I had this little pajama outfit and I had never used the hat so I tried it on the other day and it just looked hilarious so we had to get a picture.

 Luke just started crawling a few weeks ago and he LOVES his new found mobility. He is trying to stand up on everything and get into everything now. It has helped a little with his fussiness but is much harder to keep him safe these days. It is so fun to see his little personality develop. I can see James' determination in him. When he decides he wants to get up on something he doesn't stop trying until he gets it. He can hold onto stuff and stand pretty well now but still falls sometimes. It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to figure out the walking thing.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Month Pictures

I just went and got Luke's pictures taken at the beginning of October and just picked up the prints this week so we scanned in some of the ones we got. Thankfully he was really good and smiled the whole time so it was not too hard to get a few good pics. The photographer did a good job and I am happy with how they turned out. I have not got any pictures professionally done of him before and so I am glad I finally did it. I feel bad this is only his first real photo shoot but it is hard to know when to go get pictures when you have a baby that cries 90% of the time. Anywho, I am glad we have documentation of the mad scientist hair! We cut it a few days ago so it is not as long and crazy on top anymore. I don't get as many comments on it at the store anymore, but I think it looks better. I can't believe how much his hair has lightened up since he was born. It used to be as dark as mine. Crazy.

Luke is now 7 months and has gotten his two top teeth. He is sure growing up fast these days! He is getting stronger everyday and is getting close to crawling. He can pull himself around in circles, scoot backwards and sometimes gets up on his knees a little bit. He loves watching everything you do and especially loves playing with his dad. We love him lots and are glad we have him!